About Me
This is where people expect me to talk about myself....feel free to skip it if you are not interested.
Most photographers like to tell you that they picked a camera up at a young age and immediately knew they were going to be a photographer.

Not me. I didn't grow up with a camera - heck, I didn't even have an Action Man!

Like most people I took holiday snaps and thinking I was good, went out and bought a big flash film camera. It was a disaster! There were too many things to control and I never saw the result until I got the prints back. It was too costly and time consuming so I sold my camera and bought a new Walkman or something.... Many, many years later after living and working in London for all my life I decided to move to New Zealand and thought it would be a great opportunity to try again but this time with digital. I learned what all the controls did this time and my world of photography became a revelation.

After marrying, I then followed my wife to Pretoria in South Africa where I started my business as a photographer and as such, undertook most forms of photography from portraits, events, weddings and commercial shoots. I have since shot in the UK, New Zealand and now in Port Vila, Vanuatu where I live. I didn't have to be a photographer but I want to be one and be the best I could be at it. I research other photographers, techniques and am currently studying for a diploma in photographer through the Open College of Arts in the UK. I strive to take the best photographs and provide an honest and quality service for my clients which is why I consider myself as a professional photographer. To me, photography is a craft and as such should be continuously enhanced and be done professionally from the initial contact up to the presentation of the final product.

Photography is about 'capturing the moment' but I also like to capture the moment between the moments so it is not all about pose - click - next pose. I prefer a portrait session to flow more naturally so you can still see yourself in the pictures even if it may be a new side to you. I depend on my relationship with my clients to allow me in and find this side. This is done with emails pre-shoot, a meeting if appropriate and open discussion about how to achieve the look you desire before and during the session. This all helps my clients to have confidence in me as their photographer.

It is this confidence that sees my clients often returning for a follow-up shoot and my images being used in a nationwide magazines, newspapers and on commercial websites.

When shooting an event I love to get involved which can often mean being knee deep in mud or water! If preferred, I'll hang back in the background and take shots from a distance or mingle and get close to people. Again, full communication between my clients and I ensure I capture what they require, normally by building a 'shot list' to avoid disapointment.

Anyway, enough of me - go look at my gallery and enjoy. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a shoot. My details are on the 'contact me' page as is a photograph of me and even a link to my Facebook page. I like friends so add me!